Food & Drink

Restaurants and bars that I like.

Barque – A must-visit for meat lovers. It also has great chicken fingers and smoked trout. Oh, and it gives you seasoned popcorn to snack on. (299 Roncesvalles Ave)

Grand Electric – Home to amazing bourbon and even more amazing fish tacos. Get there before six and then wait for a table across the street at The Mascot. (1330 Queen St W)

Pizza Libretto – The best thin-crust pizza in the city. It’s totally worth the wait. (221 Ossington Ave)

Poutini’s House of Poutine – The best poutine in the city. If I only had one day left on Earth, it would include a trip to Poutini’s. (1112 Queen St W)

Reposado – A small bar with a big focus on tequila. There’s a patio in the back. (136 Ossington Ave)

Starving Artist – For brunch or dinner but if you’re trying for the former, get there early. I love the cheesy scrambled eggs, other people love the bacon. (582 Lansdowne Ave)



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