New Blog Name: Puppies & Iraq

When I started this blog three years ago, I thought it would be about my then-new neighbourhood of Trinity Bellwoods. That hasn’t quite happened. Instead, this has become a place for me to babble on about a wide variety of topics, including my neighbourhood but also music, memes and parenting.

With that in mind, and with the domain up for renewal, I decided that it makes sense to rename this blog. So welcome to Puppies & Iraq.

The name was inspired by this John Oliver segment about the sad state of journalism, which is the profession I was trained in though I have yet to be able to successfully practice it. In it, the former owner of the Orlando Sentinel makes a snark-inspired comment about how he wants his paper to cover both “puppies and Iraq.”  I would love to be able to write about serious, meaningful topics (Iraq) but instead I generally write about fluffy stuff (puppies) because as much as I am interested in deep ideas, writing about puppies is much easier and more fun.

The domain name currently doesn’t match the blog titled because someone grabbed back in 2008. So I picked the next closest thing, is available and I hope to purchase it but first I need to make some blog-related money. (Want to hire me to write/edit/post for you?)

I do plan on giving this blog a bit of a facelift to go along with its new name so things might look at bit odd around here over the next few weeks.

And once everything’s updated I’m planning on blogging over here at least once a week, even if it’s just to post a cute animal video. Actually, let’s start that habit right now.






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