Meme Verifying: Trudeau’s Alberta Checklist

The Meme
Trudeaus Alberta Checklist Meme

True Or Not?
Hell no.

What’s The Story
Let’s go through this meme one claim at a time:

  1. I assume that this line is in reference to the fact that Trudeau’s not out there right now digging a pipeline from Alberta. While it’s true that the federal government hasn’t approved any new pipelines (not yet anyway), it hasn’t cut off access to any existing oil markets.
  2. Qualifying residents of Edmonton have always been able to get EI. Yes, the recently announced five-week EI extension initially wasn’t extended to Edmontonians but that will change starting this July.
  3. As many others have stated, if Trudeau showed up in Alberta immediately following the evacuation of Fort McMurray, people would have accused him of attention-seeking and getting in the way. Instead, he only visited the region on May 13. But that wasn’t his first 2016 visit to Alberta. He was also there in February. Guess the maker of this meme missed that.
  4. And I guess this meme’s maker also missed the fact that the Bombardier bailout is far from a done deal. However, Alberta has been promised $250 million stabilization grant and the province is in line to receive $1.7 billion in infrastructure and transportation funding (btw, Bombardier is asking for a $1 billion bailout).
  5. A journalist over at the Montreal edition of Métro breaks down this claim and thoroughly crushes it.



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