Celebrate Fashion Week & An Update On A Controversial Condo Project

I had big plans to write a post looking at the announcement that Ontario will test out implementing a guaranteed minimum income. I’m a true believer in this concept and I think that, if implemented properly, it could be exactly what we need to radically reduce poverty levels, increase consumer spending in a positive way and create a stronger, healthy and just all-around better society.

However, I’ve gotten sidetracked with another project and right now I just don’t have the time or the mental capacity to give the topic the treatment it deserves. So instead here’s a post that’s basically regurgitating a couple interesting updates I read about in the Ossington Community Association Facebook group.

This condo plan is no more
This condo plan is no more

First up is an update on the UrbanCorp condo project that was supposed to be taking over the land that was, until last year, occupied by the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (944-952 Queen St. W.). Then last year UrbanCorp sold that property to Hullmark.

A member of the Ossington Community Associate Facebook group brought this to my attention via this Urban Toronto profile of Hullmark. In it, it’s revealed that Hullmark’s plans for the land are quite different than UrbanCorp’s. Gone is its future as a glass-heavy, nine-storey condo. Instead, Hullmark, will be keeping the existing low-rise buildings. From the article, “‘We see the value in spaces like this,’ Jeff Hull told us, ‘and long-term we think it’s more valuable to improve the building and courtyard area than to put up a condo.'” There are rumours that space will now house businesses and even restaurants in the existing courtyard.

While I’m not a fan of the buildings that are there now and I’m not opposed to condos going in that spot, new commercial businesses (and in particular, restaurants) are certainly more exciting and more in touch  with the spirit of that stretch of Queen St. Plus this new approach will likely mean less construction and that should mean fewer traffic issues (yes, I’m looking at your 109 Oz and your removal of one lane of Ossington traffic).

The good news continues with this second item. Starting on March 18, the spring 2016 edition of Toronto Fashion Week comes to Ossington in the form of the Orejen Fashion Lab pop-up shop. Taking place at the Rally Art Gallery (12 Ossington), this shopping event features emerging clothing and accessories designers as well as the chance to win a private dinner from the Food Dudes.

While the last thing I need is more clothing, I’ll still check this shop out as some of its designers are creating beautiful items.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 10.04.47 PM



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