To Do: Chilly Gonzales & Hall Party: Carnival

February isn’t generally thought of as a great month for live music but this Friday, February 5, Toronto has a couple of great options.

If I could, I would be headed down to Massey Hall to catch the latest installment of Live of Massey Hall (disclaimer: prior to going on maternity leave, I worked at Massey Hall and in particular on this series). On Friday, Chilly Gonzales takes to the stage accompanied by Germany’s Kaiser Quartett. Based on the YouTube videos I’ve watched, they will be delivering a gorgeous performance that should sound extra amazing thanks to Massey Hall’s superior acoustics.

Opening the night will be Alejandra Ribera. I’ve seen Alejandra perform before and she literally caused my jaw to drop. I’m not someone who is easily impressed but she wowed me with her incredible voice and the way she surrenders herself to her performance. She’s truly someone who deserves to be a bigger star than she currently is.

Tickets for this show are still available and like all of the Live at Massey Hall dates, are very reasonably priced at $29.50 and $19.84. Both performances will also be filmed and released as 30-minute videos, which is great for me as I need to stick close to home on Friday so that I can be near my baby.

In lieu of Massey Hall, I’ll be (hopefully) spending part of my Friday night at The Great Hall, checking out Hall Party: Carnival. That event will see The Great Hall’s various rooms overtaken by the sounds and sights of Carnival traditions from Brazil, Colombia, St. Kitts and of course Trinidad. Performers include dub-reggae-samba-funk-and-more outfit Mar Aberto SoundSystem, recent NOW cover girl Lido Pimienta and soca DJ DJ Shy.

It should be a very fun, and very colourful night (Dance Migration Company will be providing Brazalian-style dancers). It’s also a very affordable one, with tickets only $15.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.12.41 PM


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