Assorted Music-related Thoughts

I am officially on maternity leave, which means that until Baby arrives, I might actually get to post regularly over here. Right now I’m using my free time to clean, organize and catch up on some new music.

And the new music that I’m loving the most right now is Grimes’ Art Angels album, now available for download and streaming. It’s absolutely fantastic but don’t just take my word for that; check out this 10/10 review over on Exclaim! What I love about it as how it covers so many sounds (everything from dance to CHUM FM-friendly pop to vocals that sounds very inspired by Tanya Tagaq) but still manages to be cohesive and unquestionably Grimes. I will be truly shocked if this album doesn’t make the cut for the 2016 Polaris Prize shortlist.

(this isn’t even the catchiest song on the album)

And speaking of Tanya Tagaq and the Polaris Prize, my Baby is due at the end of November but I’m sort of hoping that it’s a few days late so that I can catch her and Owen Pallett at Live at Massey Hall: Tanya Tagaq & Owen PallettMassey Hall on December 1 for the Polaris Music Prize 10th Anniversary concert, part of the ongoing Live at Massey Hall series. OK, I did work on this show but even if I didn’t, I would still be pushing it because it’s going to be a really special night. And if you’re familiar with either of those artists, you know that I’m right.

Both Tanya and Owen are known for delivering fantastic live performances and putting them on a stage like Massey Hall is just going to take things to another level. Tickets are still available for this performance (I know, I’m surprised too) and are $29.50 and $18.94 (yep, that last price is the same year that Massey Hall opened).

But at least if Baby does arrive before December 2, I’ll still be able to watch this concert because both performances are being filmed and will be released as two 30-minute long videos. Those films will be placed on, alongside films of performances by Timber Timbre, Basia Bulat and the Constantines.

Finally, Field Trip (warning: link leads to a site that autoplays) has announced its 2016 dates. It’ll be back at Fort York and Garrison Commons on June 4 and June 5 and I’m certainly hoping to be going, with Baby in tow. Last year we got the lineup in early February and I suspect that we’ll see a similar pattern in 2016. But who will be on it? Well, I have some theories on that; watch for those in a feature post.


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