Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese

Pic taken from Bobbie Sue's Instagram account
Pic taken from Bobbie Sue’s Instagram account

I’m a huge mac and cheese fan as I have the palate of a five-year-old. But until last night, I didn’t have a go-to favourite mac and cheese. Then I tried Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese, a new place that had its grand opening on Friday.

While it currently offers nine varieties, I went with the Classic Mac, which contains a “five-cheese blend.” No, I don’t know which cheeses it features (though I’m sure there is white cheddar in there) but whatever the blend is is the perfect combination of cheesy flavour, saltiness and gooeyness. When smothered over plump spirals of pasta (slightly on the firm side, just how I like it) with just the right ratio of seasoning and bread crumbs, the results are the tastiest mac and cheese that I’ve ever had.All of the mac and cheese flavours come is two sizes: Small and large. I went with a small classic, which cost $5. While that size should have filled me up, my husband decided he had to have multiple samples and within minutes, the mac and cheese was gone. Next time, I’m either getting the bigger size (which is $7 for the classic) or he’s getting his own plate (this is probably the better idea).

Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese
All that remains…

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bobbie Sue’s mac and cheese is so good since it’s operated by the same people who run the city’s best poutine stop, Poutini’s. I suspect that the way the mac and cheese is made is also why it’s so good. I expected to be served a slice of pre-made cheese and pasta but instead, my dish was made fresh, right in front of me. The pre-cooked pasta was measured out in a disposable pie plate, covered with the cheese blend and a touch of bread crumbs and popped into the oven for not even two minutes. The whole process was surprisingly quick.

Located on Foxley (though I see that it technically has an Ossington address), in the old Philip Sparks spot, Bobbie Sue’s is a takeout place, with no indoor facilities. Last night we learned that there are plans to turn the currently open area in front of the takeout window into a covered, heated patio space, in order to keep the customers coming throughout the winter.

We also learned that Bobbie Sue’s will likely be expanding its hours after Thanksgiving. Currently it’s open from 5pm to midnight Tuesday-Saturday and 5pm to 11pm on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it being open on the weekend for lunchtime, as a dish of mac and cheese is just the perfect mid-day meal.

Besides, given this city’s love of mac and cheese, and given how tasty Bobbie Sue’s product is, I suspect that lunchtime will soon be the best time to hit up the restaurant in order to avoid its inevitable lines. Next time though I might give the Buffalo Chicken version; it sounds delicious and seems appropriately priced at $7 for the small size.





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