Thoughts On The 2015 Federal Election

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.59.51 PMSomehow it’s October 2. Even more shocking, I haven’t posted in this blog in exactly two months despite the fact that we’re in the midst of a federal election. I have a lot thoughts on the election and back when it started, I thought I’d be blogging at least weekly, sharing them with the world.

But while my thoughts are covering everything from the tone of the election ads to the Saudi arms deal, I really only have two feelings when it comes to #elxn42: Anger and frustration.

I feel this way because:

  • Stephen fucking Harper is encouraging an atmosphere of fear, ignorance and short-sightedness (here’s a perfect example of that)
  • Silly (yes silly) issues like niqabs are distracting people from things that matter like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (thousands of jobs are on the line among other things) and climate change (that’s not going anywhere)
  • Almost everyday my Facebook feed contains a new inaccurate and usually racist meme
  • The Liberals have some good ideas but supported bill C-51
  • The NDP’s ideas just aren’t good enough (deficits aren’t always bad)
  • The Green Party’s ideas are fantastic and many are exactly what Canada needs (I’m a big believer in a guaranteed minimum income) but of course they don’t stand a chance
  • Did I mention that Stephen Harper is power-hungry soulless man who loves this country about as much as I love organized sports?

While I have been busy, I think that these feelings are the main reason why I haven’t been posting. I’m now eight-months pregnant. It’s generally not considered a good thing to be seething with rage while in this uh, delicate condition. Because of that, I’m been really focused on restricting these feelings to a few minutes and then moving on (cute animal photos/videos are key).

Besides keeping my blood pressure low, I believe this approach is also keeping my feelings of anger and frustration from morphing into plain old depression, which really, is the only logical thing to feel after giving this election a long, hard look. We still have a couple weeks to go but unless something dramatic happens, or unless we get really good at strategic voting, Harper’s going to end up with a minority government and while yes, that’s better than a majority, it’s going to result in inaction, in more pointless bickering and distractions and in this country stagnating. While I doubt such a government will last four years, it will be one year or two (or worse) too long.

Ugh… Thinking about all of this makes just want to punch something. I need to go snuggle with my chinchilla now (yes, I know Harper also owns a chinchilla, somehow he ruins everything).





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