“How A Cup Of Coffee Got Me Fired”

No, not me mind you, as someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I possibly could get fired if I was required to make a cup for a VIP. The title of this post refers to the name of an upcoming solo show by my friend Laura Salvas, who also happens to be a very talent comedian (her 2012 Fringe show was considered one of the best of the festival).

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 2.48.26 PM

She describes her latest project like this, “For anyone who has ever sat in a cubicle thinking, ‘I’m meant for better things.’ For anyone who has ever had their lunch eaten out of the work fridge. For anyone who has ever written a passive-aggressive Post-it note. For anyone who can only comprehend these words because they’ve had their morning coffee.

How a Cup of Coffee Got Me Fired follows a data entry clerk’s quest for revenge when someone at work starts drinking her coffee. Inspired by real events, this original solo play takes a comedic look at the bleakness of office life, the characters we share cubicles with and how scary people can get without caffeine.”

While I can’t related to the coffee aspect of the production, the rest, well, who of us hasn’t been there before?

It runs for three nights only, April 23-26, at Fraser Studio (near Queen W and Strachan). Tickets are only $10 and can be bought in advance or at the door.  I’m planning on checking out one of the nights and if you like to laugh, you’ll want to schedule this show into your schedule too.


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