LindsayFest 2015

Today it was rumoured that more details on Toronto Bonnaroo would be released soon. Hopefully those details are the lineup and hopefully they are released before Monday when I leave the country for two weeks*. Earlier this week, instead of excercising like I was supposed to, I decided to put together my own fantasy festival lineup. Called LindsayFest, it’s a four-stage, three-day event that was first fantasized about last year, with the inaugural LindsayFest.

I’ll be the first to admit that the headliners are a bit weak but this “fantasy lineup” is grounded in reality; all of its acts are actively touring this year, with many performing at other festivals. The mid-range is pretty solid and there’s a good dose of up-and-coming talent; something I love to see at festivals.

I’m quite curious to see how LindsayFest stacks up against Toronto Bonnaroo; I’m going to guess that the overlap will be 60-70 per cent.

Sorry, this is all made-up.


*I have a house-sitter staying at my place, not to mention a fierce guard chinchilla keeping watch over everything


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