Fill Out The City’s Sidewalk Patios Survey

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.53.55 PMDo you like sidewalk patios? Do you enjoy having a drink and a bite to eat while taking in one of our limited warm, sunny days? Or maybe you hate patios and find them noisy and a poor use of sidewalk space. Either way, you’ll want to take this survey that the City of Toronto is conducting.

The City is currently reviewing existing patio related by-laws while also updating its outdoor cafe design guidelines. The result of these two projects, “is to develop harmonized boulevard cafe by-law that will apply city-wide” while “The guidelines will help cafe owners and managers create functional and attractive cafe spaces. The guidelines will also ensure that safe, comfortable and universally accessible patios and sidewalks are created.”

Sounds completely reasonable. Even more reasonable is that the City is inviting people to  participate in the process in a way that’s accessible, easy and pretty quick (the survey says it takes about 10 minutes to complete but I did it in under seven). The survey is open until December 10 so if you care about sidewalk patios, make sure to have your say!


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