HoHoTo Is Back!

HoHoTO LogoOne of this city’s best fundraising parties is back for another year! HoHoTo, the city’s biggest, and most festive, holiday party in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank, will take place on Thursday, December 11 at the Mod Club.

Since it started in 2008, this event has raised over over $300,000 through door and raffle ticket sales and the famed hangover auction, in which all the unclaimed raffle prizes are up for grabs in a Twitter-hosted auction.  This year, early bird GA tickets will cost you $40 before jumping up to $45 at some point.

For that price you’ll get to dance, take photos in the photo booth and if you want, wear a Santa hat (or maybe some reindeer antlers). You’ll also have the chance to win prizes. If you go, be sure to bring some cash to snap up a few raffle tickets. Previous prizes have included iPads, gift cards and lots of phones. You can also pre-order 20 raffle tickets for $20 or, if you’re a big spender (and I have seen people do this), pre-order 150 tickets for $100.

Alternatively, you can always volunteer. I’ve done that for a few years though unfortunately my work schedule is going to result in me skipping this year.  Volunteering is easy, fun and a good way to meet people who work in tech, digital marketing, media and PR.  And yes, you can still enter the raffles, even if you’re selling raffle tickets.

For more details on volunteering, and other ways to get involved, head over here.



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