Catwalk 2 Closet October Sample Sale

At least it’s not busy

Well, that was disappointing.

A few weeks ago, “Toronto’s largest designer warehouse sale” , called Catwalk 2 Closet, was announced. As someone who loves a good sample sale (yes, I do enjoy digging through piles of clothes to find a deal), I was instantly intrigued. That the sale would take place at the Direct Energy Centre, be open ’till 9 pm and offer a wide range of labels and companies, including some beauty lines, only made it sound better. So tonight I headed down to the CNE grounds and checked it out.

Earlier in the day, I had read a blog post written by someone who’d attended the sale’s first night and who thought that while the event was smaller than she was expecting, it was pretty good. The Catwalk 2 Closet Twitter account also retweeted a few photos of what people bought and it looked like there were some great finds available.

And maybe on Wednesday night there was. Maybe last night, a pack of rabid fashionistas descended on the sale and bought all the good stuff because when I got there, it was slim pickings.

Shoe prices

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little.  There was good variety of shoes, including boots, available. They weren’t that cheap and the boots of course weren’t appropriate for a slushy Toronto winter but there were some nice ones available.

Also available were lots of winter jackets, some of which would actually would keep you warm, and plenty of leather jackets though to be honest, I’ve seen (and felt) nicer leather. But other than those categories, it was a lot of junky, but flashy, jewellery; furs (gross) and random items like odd-looking dresses and iPhone accessories.

I did buy one thing, a bottle of OPI nail polish, that was was only $5. Essie nail polish was also available at that price. The colour selection wasn’t great but hey, it is a sample sale.

Actually, the whole event felt less like a sample sale and more like a crappier version of the Toronto Clothing Show. In my mind, a sample sale is operated by one vendor but in this case, it was a collection of different vendors. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it worked great for the Clothing Show—however, I think the standard of vendors needs to be raised for future events.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

On the plus side, there was no entry fee and no lines. Had there been either, I would actually be feeling a bit annoyed, instead of just disappointed.

The Catwalk 2 Closet sale continues over Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Direct Energy Centre’s Heritage Count (by the Ricoh Coliseum). If you’re looking for cute boots or a black winter or leather coat, you might want to check it out. Otherwise,  pass on it.





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