A Subway On Ossington!

Sunday afternoon I came home to two nice surprises: A subway stop on Ossington and a corner liquor store that sells cheap booze at almost all hours. Even better, the new subway stop was for New York City’s 1 line, which takes you to the Upper West Side and beyond.

No, these aren’t last-minute election gifts from the Fords, they’re part of a set for The CW’s Beauty and The Beast, which will be filming on Ossington on Monday. Along with the fake subway stop and liquor store there are also New York City cabs, cop cars and pretzel stands (but I don’t think there are any street closures). It’s a fun scene and worth checking out if you’re nearby.

Of course a subway on Ossington would be more fun, especially if it went directly to Manhattan. (What? That’s too much to ask for? Fine, I’ll take the corner liquor store.)

Filming, New York City, liquor, ossington

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.08.38 PM








Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.09.27 PM


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