Reduced Priced For Riot Fest

Back in May, I wrote a post about the many, many music festivals that were to hit our city over the summer and wondered if all of them would be successful and if they would all return in 2015. Since the summer music festival isn’t quite done yet, I’m going to reserve my judgement until next week, after Riot Fest is over. Maybe that one will sell out and be the clear winner.
Riot_Fest_Toronto_2014_lineupBut probably not. Oh, it might sell out but not at its primary ticket price. Over the weekend, TravelZoo sent around an email advertising reduced pricing for all levels of Riot Fest:

  • Single-Day admission: $59 (reg. $94.99)
  • 2-Day admission: $99 (reg. $179)
  • Single-Day VIP admission: $105 (reg. $149.99)
  • 2-Day VIP admission: $199 (reg. $289.98)

I believe these prices are the same as the early bird prices that the festival launched with. Early bird prices are one thing—they create buzz and can move a large number of tickets in a short period of time—but bringing those prices back a week before a festival is generally not a good sign. I’m going to take a guess that despite a reasonable lineup, sales are sluggish and the promoter behind Riot Fest has decided that some money is better than no money, hence the reduced prices.

At these new prices Riot Fest could still sell out; $59 is a fantastic price for a solid day of music. But whether or not these new prices can turn a profit… Well, I hope they can.

I currently don’t have tickets to this festival though I am thinking about picking up a pair for the Sunday (I would love to see The Cure and Death From Above 1979 but I already have plans on Saturday). In addition to the lineup, I’m really intrigued by the whole “expo” aspect. Oh, and then there’s the ferris wheel. Yeah, I think it could be a pretty fun day out.




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