RIP To One Of The White Squirrels

white_squirrel_Toronto_Trinity_Bellwoods_ParkOne of Trinity Bellwoods’s famed white squirrels completed its life cycle on Saturday when it was electrocuted. It sounds like it was found dead inside the actual park so I’m hoping that it’s not the white squirrel that I’ve repeatedly seen hanging around Halton. I like to think of that one as my little buddy.

There definitely are multiple white squirrels. In addition to the Halton Street one, I’ve seen another one hanging in and around the CAMH green space. The photo included with this post is of that one and it’s fluffier that the Halton Street one. As well, according to a few of the comments found on both the BlogTO and Toronto Star pieces about the squirrel’s death, other people have spotted white squirrels all around this neighbourhood.

So while it’s sad that the squirrel died, it wasn’t the only one of its kind and I’m confident that we can still luck out every now and then and spot one of these odd creatures running through, or near, the park.




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