Champagne Party & Sale This Thursday at Victoire Boutique‏

I wonder if this dress will be available

Ossington is home to many cute boutiques but easily in the top three is Victoire Boutique, located at 129 Ossington. It updates its window weekly and 75 per cent of the time I find myself wanting whatever clothing items are being highlighted that week. Despite this, I have never bought a single thing from Victoire Boutique because I have amazing will-power (and often don’t carry a wallet when I go out, to eliminate the chance of impluse purchases).

That might change tomorrow because that’s then Victore is hosting a party that includes champaigne, and a 10 per cent discount off everything. Plus, many things are already 20 per cent off and yes, you can stack the discounts. That’s a pretty good deal.

The party runs from 6 to 9 and I think I’m going to try and get there on the early side, in order to get the best selection.


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