NXNE 2014

I really wanted to write a proper NXNE post that listed bands you should see and bands I was going to see and all of that. But it’s now Thursday, day 2 of the festival and yeah, that’s not going to happen. Things are just too busy.

I did check out a couple of bands last night. I really, really wanted to see Kiesza last night at the Mod Club but then she cancelled her set because she was sick. 😦 I hope she reschedules soon.

Despite that cancellation, I ended up at the Mod Club anyway because I was in the mood for synth-pop and that’s what was on the menu there. First up was Toronto’s Parellels. Despite this band being local, and despite me having liked them for awhile, this was my first time seeing them live. It turns out that they are pretty good: Fun, dance-y and backed by a great drummer. They could sound a little more polished though in full honestly, the roughness might have been the result of how they were being mixed.

After that I saw Foxtrott, a Montreal-based act that started off a bit odd but quickly turned terrific. On stage, it’s just two women, a couple keyboards/sythns, some odd percussion things and a French horn. Somehow it comes together into this:

It’s good, just trust me and watch it.

After Foxtrott, it was home time for me because I am lazy and had to work today.

As for the rest of NXNE, tomorrow will be spent at Yonge and Dundas, seeing St. Vincent, then home to bed as I have to work Saturday. I should though be done by 11, at which time I plan to head over to the Red Bull Sound Select (aka Tattoo) where I hope to get in and see Future Islands. However, this is the same plan that a few other hundred people have so we’ll see how that works out.

I’m also hoping to get to the conference aspect of NXNE tomorrow afternoon but we’ll see how that goes too!

I hope you’re having a great NXNE and taking a bit more advantage of it than I am; there’s a lot of good stuff on schedule and I really like how it keeps getting bigger and better.







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