Luminato’s Cardboard Beach

Cardboard_Beach_LuminatoLumanito is in full-swing and so far I have one Lumanito event: Cardboard Beach. Located in David Pecaut Square (aka Festival Hub), Cardboard Beach is, “Designed by the dynamic, two-man Cuban collective Los Carpinteros to transform the Luminato Festival’s Hub, Cardboard Beach is, they explain, ‘an illusion, the essence of a beach in a dry, urban space, with umbrellas, deck chairs, change booths and breakwaters.'” So basically it’s a “beach” made largely out of cardboard.

While I wish the installation was a bit more expansive, what’s there is pretty cool to look at and even sit on. And if you go at lunch, it’s not even that busy.

Cardboard Beach is fully licensed though I didn’t try any of its alcoholic offerings as I stopped in while on a break from work. I did though try the food, which year is prepared by Parts and Labour. It’s gone for a Mexican theme and is offering a variety of tacos, roasted corn, ceviche and even something called Mexican poutine. I went with the fish taco while my friend tried the pork.

Lumanito_Cardboard_BeachI absolutely loved my choice, which contained perfectly grilled white fish topped with crema, a light tomato salsa and such kind of fluffy, cheese-like (and yucky onions that I tossed). However, it could have been a bit bigger. My friend, who is smarter than me, bought two tacos (they each cost $4) and was happily satisfied with both the quality and quantity of food he bought.

I definitely recommend checking out Cardboard Beach for lunch or maybe a post-work drink and snack. Throughout the afternoon there is free music and programming continues into the evening, though some of those events are tickets.

Just skip the lemonade sold at the Parts and Labour both; it’s for $4 for a standard plastic cup of PC lemonade with some mint or berries tossed in.

Besides Cardboard Beach, I think the only other Luminato project I’ll be checking out will be the Literary  Picnic on Sunday. Unless it rains like last year; then I’ll be staying home.





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