Woofstock Weekend!

I can’t wait to go to Woofstock

It’s Woofstock weekend! The annual festival of all things dogs runs May 24 and 25, this year at a new location: Woodbine Park.  The event, which is Canada’s largest dog-focused festival, has gotten so big that it no longer fits into its previous Front Street location.

I skipped last year’s event (I think it was a rainy weekend) but I plan on checking it out this Saturday with my doggy Dexter. While he’s often a jerk when he meets other dogs, Dexter’s always been well-behaved at Woofstock. I think it’s because the festival is just so overwhelming for him that it’s easier just to take the path of good behaviour.

If you’ve got a dog, or just love them, Woofstock is definitely worth the trek out to the Beaches. Besides being packed with cute puppies, there will be tons of vendors, freebies (mostly for dogs but some for humans) and the usual festival food offerings (I’m so getting some fresh-squeezed lemonade). It’s a great way to spend a summer day and bond with your furry friend.







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