Bang Bang: Fancy Ice Cream Sandwiches Come To Ossington

So tasty & so big! (And that’s the half size)

I love ice cream and I love freshly baked cookies so I was thrilled to discover Ossington’s latest addition: an ice sandwich-focused outlet of Bakerbots Bakery called Bang Bang. Located at 93 Ossington, in the “book depository” building, the shop just opened on Friday and yes, I’ve already tested out its offerings.

While the original Bakerbots Bakery offers a wide range of baked goods, the Ossington location is primarily focused on made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. It works like this: First you review a list of over a dozen ice cream flavours that vary from the tradition to the more creative like fresh mint and even one that incorporate Bellwoods Brewery beer. Next you check out the selection of fresh baked cookies (there five or six choices when I was there). Then you pair one ice cream flavour with one cookie flavour and pick your size: a half size, which just uses one cookie is $4 and change while a full size uses two cookies and runs under $8.

Also available are to-go tubs of ice cream and these puffed, dough things that are injected with your choice of ice cream.

Husband and I both went the half size and we were plenty satisfied with both the quantity and quality of our ice cream sandwiches. I picked the hazelnut ice cream with the Rocacao cookie, a rich, chocolaty item that’s topped with sea salt while Husband went with the Chocolate Squared ice cream and the Everything Cookie, a treat that contains chocolate chips, pretzels and a few other items (though not raisins).

Personally, I thought my cookie choice was best as it was perfectly chewy. However, Husband had the better ice cream. While my choice was good and quite creamy, his was at another, higher level and contained flakes of chocolate that added a nice bit of texture. Next time I think I’ll be going with that ice cream flavor.

And yes, there will definitely be a next time because these ice cream sandwiches are delicious and appropriately priced for what you get. My only concern is that I think this place will be absolutely packed once the weather heats up.

While Bakerbots might be the new kid on the street right now, it won’t hold that title for long. A new restaurant called Junk will soon be taking over Levack Block’s old space at the corner of Ossington and Humbert. It will be run by Matt Blondin, formally of Momofuku, with food truckers/caterers The Food Dudes. More details on that project will be released in June.


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