Who Will Be The Winner Of The Summer 2014 Music Festival Season?

Based on sales, this is the festival of the summer

I’m the first person to complain about Toronto’s lack of a mega-music festival but even I can’t deny that in 2014, we’re spoiled for small-to-medium sized events. As proof, check out my list of our city’s upcoming summer music festival (summer being anything after the Victoria Day long weekend and music festival being any event that runs from afternoon to night time and features several bands or DJs performing).

There are almost a dozen events taking place including multiple two (or more) day ones, featuring hundreds of performers. Add in the dozens of regular shows also set to take place between late May and mid-September and you have one crazy summer ahead.

I can’t help but think that we should enjoy this flood of live music while we can because I predict that next summer we’ll be looking at a bit of a drought. Why? Because of financial difficulties incurred by promoters whose events didn’t break even this summer.

Unfortunately there can be too much of a good thing and this summer, the Toronto music festival scene is looking at it. Too many festivals, too much choice and not enough money to go around.

Which events will be a causality? At this stage, I don’t know though since it’s already almost sold out, I think we can call the Mad Descent Block Party a success. I doubt it’ll be the only one; I suspect that both OVO and Digital Dreams will also do quite well and will be back in 2015, as will the Warped Tour and NXNE.

I’m most curious about how Field Trip, TURF and Riot Fest will do as these events largely share an audience, an audience that also has a lot of other summer entertainment options. All three were able to share 2013 so maybe 2014 will be the same, even with Field Trip and TURF’s expended events.

Though if one of those three events pops up on Groupon, well, I guess we’ll know which one isn’t doing too hot.


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