The Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market Is Back!

Trinity-Bellwoods-Farmers-MarketToday, when taking the dog out for his early evening walk, I discovered that the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers is up and running. I didn’t buy anything, as I didn’t have my wallet, but next Tuesday I’ll be sure not to forget that at home.

Things were pretty quiet when I stopped by, there were only a handful of vendors set-up and not many shoppers, but I guess that’s to be expected since it is early May. I think all of the green things I saw for sale are actually meant for planting, not eating.  But some food was for sale including all kinds of tasty nibblies from Evelyn’s Crackers, assorted maple goodies from Forbes Wild Foods Inc and hot stuff from the Fish Shak.

The Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market takes place every Tuesday from 3 pm-7 pm, rain or shine, over in the far north-west corner (so Shaw and Dundas). The last one is set for October 28 so you’ve got plenty of chances to check the market out this year.



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