Toronto’s Cat Cafe Is Sure To Be A Hit

I’m back from New York and super, super behind on my blogging. So let’s start with something short.

Everyone wants in at the cat cafe

While I was in New York, there was a pop-up cat cafe. Yes, that’s right, a cat cafe, just like the ones in Japan. But this one, sponsored by Purina One, was only around for four days.

I did not intend to visit the cat cafe but while wondering around New York, my sister and I stumbled across it. We didn’t get in as there was a crazy line-up. In fact, there were so many people that by the time we saw the cafe around 4 pm, it was already closed to new visitors.

Clearly, someone in New York needs to open a permanent cat cafe.

While Toronto normally follows New York, cat cafes are one of the rare trends where we might actually beat the Big Apple. Our city has two cat cafes planned for it, one in Koreatown and one downtown.

Prior to this weekend I would have said that two cat cafes are one too many but based on the demand I saw in New York, I think Toronto could support two.

No, I have no idea how these places, either here or in New York, deal with health codes.




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