2 Free Events & 2 Big Moves

Yesterday was a weird one, wasn’t it? While it wasn’t too bad for me (I got free stuff, including free food, from Target’s Patio Party), it was a depressing day for a lot of people. So let’s talk about something happy: Free concerts!

On Saturday, May 3, Canadian Music Week is presenting M.I.A. at Yonge Dundas Square. I’ve seen M.I.A. before and she put on a pretty good show. I’m hoping for a repeat performance at this upcoming date.

Then on Sunday, June 29, there will be another free concert at Yonge Dundas. This one will be put on by World Pride and features Tegan and Sara. While I’m sure this show will be a zoo, I want to go anyways as it’s been years since I’ve seen Tegan and Sara and I (like everyone) loved their last album.


In other event-y news, two monthly, warm weather affairs have new homes. In May, the Toronto Underground Market (aka TUM) returns to our social calendars but this year, it’s moving from the Brickworks to 99 Sudbury. Yah! I’ve only done TUM once before and while I enjoyed the actual event, I hated the stress of getting out there. So I never went back. But this year I will definitely get out to at least one TUM (likely the July one).

The Junction Flea is also on the move. While it will be hosting its May event at the Brickworks, in June it will move to Sterling Road (so yes, it won’t be technically in the Junction anymore but it will be in the Junction Triangle so whatever, close enough). Sterling Road is a really interesting street that houses one of my favourite buildings in Toronto. Of course, it was a lot cooler five years, before a good chunk of the old factories got razed but it’s still a pretty neat street and a good fit for the Flea. The first Stealing Flea is set for June 8 and yep, I hope to make it out to that event.


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