New Site: logoA couple weeks ago,, a new website that aims to list off what’s happening in this fine city, launched. While my understanding is that the site eventually wants to cover all kinds of events, its focus right now is very much on music, with dates being listed for everything from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to Field Trip.

The site itself isn’t quite what I would have created. There are a few skinning issues and some of the UI and design choices aren’t best practice or overly smooth (entering a contest auto-creates an account and puts you on the mailing list), but I like the idea: A one-stop shop for what’s happening today in Toronto.

I will give the site points for being easy to navigate and offering some great features. In particular, I really like its curated aspect. A collection of local “influencers” have been given special powers, including the ability to highlight shows that they’re interested in. It’s a fun idea and it helps draw your eye to events that you might have overlooked.

Another fun idea is how lets you set up your account like a web page. This approach lets you share your events and your musical taste (my page can be seen here: Besides tracking events, you can also use your account to follow venues and other users (including those earlier mentioned influencers).

Your account also lets you enter various contests, some of which are really good (a VIP trip to Lollapalooza for example). However, when you enter a contest, the whole world gets to know, which is a little weird. It would also be nice if I could personalize my page a little bit, maybe with an image, a bio and a Twitter link. comes to us from the people behind a similar Austin site. That site is a little slicker looking and has way more events from a wide range of categories. I know that is still just a baby but I hope that as it grows, it becomes more inclusive and goes on to list off everything from arts to food events.

As someone who used to manage music-oriented websites, I’m really curious to see how does so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it in part because of that reason. But besides watching, I think I’ll also actually be using it and not just to enter contests. I really like the idea of a place where I can easily track and share the shows I’m interested in and right now, seems to be the best place where I can do that.

***Update: A nice person from got in touch with me and let me know that you can customize your profile so I tried that out and it sort of worked. I now have a photo and bio though a couple of links I put in aren’t showing. But hey, it’s a start and I’m really impressed that someone from the site reached out to me.***



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