My New Bathroom

bathroom_blue_white_subway_tile_glass_showerSo I had this plan to detail out my basement renovations over a series of blog posts. I even made a “Project Basement” category to hold all of my posts. But for some reason, that hasn’t been happening. Maybe it’s because writing about home renos isn’t nearly as interesting as watching them get done on HGTV?

My basement renos are still in progress—Husband is actually putting DRIcore down on the floor right now—though phase one finished up two weekends ago. That phase involved having a contractor come in and put in a new washroom as well as drywall and prime the long basement wall that for some reason wasn’t previously drywalled and prime.

Now that that phase is done, I can post some bragging photos. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Our contractors were from Burlington and we found them via one of Husband’s co-workers. They were on time, on budget and overall, did a pretty good job though the painting could have been a been tidier (but then I find that the painting could always be tidier). They also followed our instructions, answered our many questions and did a great job cleaning up their workspace.

basement_bathroom_blue_white_grey_glossyBut while it was mostly a positive experience for us, I bet that our contractors will never work in central Toronto again. They would leave Burlington around 6:30 am each morning and would get to our place sometime between 7:20 am and 9:20 am, depending on the traffic. Then, to try and beat the traffic home, they were out of here around 3. However, if you’re interested in hiring them, get in touch with me (no, they don’t have a website).

And if you’re wondering about the tiles we used, I picked them up at The Tile Store. The blue tiles are just a mosaic glass pattern that it had in stock while the white subways tiles are nothing special. But the white tiles on the floor, well, they are unique and surprisingly affordable at around $12 a sheet. They’re made by American Orlean and are called Chloe. While some versions of this pattern come with a coloured centre, I opted for the ones with an empty middle so we could put in the blue mosaic tiles, tying the floor into the accent colours.

The shower was built using a Schluter shower system. We bought ours at the Ossington Home Hardware where it was about $200 cheaper than at Home Depot or Lowe’s. So there’s a tip for you.

And here’s another. If you want cheap(er) vanities and showers, check out Vision Vanities in Mississauga. It direct buys some of the same products that we saw for sale in bath speciality shops and then sells them for less. The customer service isn’t always top-notch and yeah, the store does look a bit dodgy but the prices are great and so far, everything works. But if that changes, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Phase two of the basement is painting and putting down a floor. We already did the first coat last weekend  and hope to do the second coat soon. Then we’ll finish off the floor and move onto phase three, the final touches, which include multiple Pax wardrobes and hopefully wallpaper, among other cosmetic touches. And then we’re done.

For a bit anyway.







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