Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams

Yesterday, as a perk of my new job, I got to attend a performance by Timber Timbre that was being taped for some future, unknown (to me anyway) CBC project. The band was at the CBC to perform songs off their new album, Hot Dreams, which is out next week and currently being previewed over on NPR. Having listened to the new album, and having seen Timber Timbre before, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong.

The show was much, much better than I thought it would be. To be honest, I was a bit worried that I might get bored or fidgety, especially since we were standing in a small, dark room filled with cameras. But nope, I enjoyed the whole thing and was disappointed when it wrapped up about an hour after it started. I happily could have heard a few more tracks.


What really impressed me was how the four musicians brought new sonic dimensions to songs that I’d been listening to only a few hours earlier. It wasn’t that they radically changed or re-arranged them. No, they were more or less the same songs but they just sounded so much better and so vivid. More depth, more strange noises, more of Taylor Kirk’s rumbly vocals… It was fantastic. (And made me think that if Twin Peaks is ever re-made, Timber Timbre should handle the soundtrack.)

I think the setting, a dark studio with the band in the middle, surrounded by lights, cameras and then a few dozen standing people, helped as well. It was a weird, sort of awkward set-up that meshed well with the often weird, and sometimes awkward music that is Timber Timbre. Taylor Kirk, the man primarily behind Timber Timbre was clearly in his element while playing and clearly not when not playing and speaking to the audience. It was actually kind of adorable.

While I don’t think Hot Dreams is going to be an album that takes Timber Timbre onto mainstream success, it’s just too odd for that, I do think that it’s going to bring the band plenty of accolades. I’m going to guess that Pitchfork gives it a 7.5. I think it might also win them some new fans. Maybe you?

Oh, and something else you should do is pick up tickets (they’re only $18,94!) to the band’s May 23 show at Massey Hall. The amazing Cold Specks will be opening and I have no doubt that it was be a memorable night of music that you’ll want to be at (and no, I’m not just saying that because I might happened to be professionally connected to that show).


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