Buffer Nails & Waxing: A Review

On the weekend I finally got around to something that I should have done at least a week ago: Get my eyebrows waxed.

I decided to give Buffer Nails & Waxing, located at 123 Ossington, a shot because it’s within walking distance and it has 4.5 stars on Yelp. It also looks, at least from the outside, like a bright, clean modern space.

I called Buffer around 11 to see if it had any early afternoon openings and yep, it did at noon; that was perfect. I got there shortly before noon and right on schedule, I was directed into a small but well lit back room. Besides being bright, the room was very clean and had a chair where I could toss my coat and bag (I note this because I’ve been to more than a few waxing places that don’t have somewhere for you to put your stuff). It also seemed to be pretty private, which is fairly important if you want to talk advantage of Buffer’s other waxing service (apparently they specialize in Brazilians).


The woman who waxed me did introduce herself to me but of course I’ve forgotten already forgotten it (there’s a reason I don’t work in customer service). She was quite friendly and chatty, asking me questions about my self, and making comments about how my brows didn’t look that bad (that was a lie but still, it was nice to hear).

But while her customer service skills were top-notch, her waxing skills were even better. I’m pretty tough when it comes to waxing but I will often tear up when the under-eye area is done. Not this time. This was the most gentle, painless waxing I’ve ever felt in the 10+ years that I’ve been getting my eyebrows done.

She was also very gentle with the tweezers, which she wasn’t afraid to use, nor did she hesitate to bust out the scissors, something that some waxers shy away from doing. (And yes, my thin, difficult brow hairs need a full range of tools in order to be tamed.)

The results are fantastic and exactly what I wanted. Not to thin, not to thick and with my natural arch nicely played up. But perhaps best of all is that it’s been over 24 hours and there’s no redness, puffiness or infection. I almost always get one infected pore within 24 hours of getting my brows waxed but not this time. Not only do my brows look great but the skin around them is happy and healthy.

While I was getting my brows done, a woman was getting a manicure in the shop’s nail section, which occupies the front half of the shop. Like that waxing room, it’s bright and very clean. The woman doing the manicure seemed to be a little on the quiet side but hey, sometimes that’s OK.

While I was waiting to paying (only $13 and change, taxes in), I checked out some of the nail colours and all the standard shades were well represented. I didn’t see a ton of crazier/shimmier shades but maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right spot.

I need to get my nails done soon and while I prefer going to 10 Spot, Buffer is closer and cheaper (a mani/pedi combo is only $55) and since it did such a great job on my brows, I’m willing to see how it does on my nails.

And I will definitely be back once my brows start getting too wild again because I’ve found my new brow-waxing place.


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