Fun Links & Today’s DPS Open House

Ossington_old_map_BlogTOAny bets on who Trinity-Spadina’s new MP will be? No? Don’t want to think about that? I don’t blame you. This year our little ward will likely have elections across all three levels of government (I’m assuming that we’ll soon be having  a provincial election, which I think will be a complete waste of time and money and will result in not much change). That’s a lot, even with the city councillor seat basically being locked in.

So let’s take a moment to think of more light-hearted things, like Cote de Boeuf’s upcoming Game Of Thrones-themed dinner party. Despite tickets costing $175, the 28 spots have already sold out. Those going will be treated to everything from rabbit to elderberry syrup to something called lava bread. And of course there will be lots of alcohol. I wonder if theme dinners are something that Cote de Boeuf will start doing more of; there does seem to be a demand for them.

Something that’s always in demand is old photos of Toronto. Earlier this week, BlogTO‘s July 2012 post on historical photos of the Ossington area popped back up on the site’s Recently Commented On list. I’d missed this post the first time around so I was happy to finally discover it.

It’s interesting to see how in some areas,  little has changed, with some buildings look the same now as they did 50 years ago. Also fun are the comments. Yes, there are a few people complaining about change and hipsters but most of them are by people reminiscing about growing up in the neighbourhood.

OK, back to serious stuff. In real world events, today’s the day that the City is hosting the central edition of its open house on the proposed development permit system (aka DPS and aka Reset Toronto). It’s on at the Reference Library from now until 12:30 pm, with a community meeting following from 12:30 pm-2:30 pm. I had planned on checking this out but am no longer going as some last-minute stuff relating to my house renos has popped and currently I’m sitting here, supervising that.

If you can’t make it either, be sure to check out the “tool kit” that the City put together on this topic and then share your thoughts with your city councillor.


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