Dear Self: You Should Organize One Of These

One of the 4,729 things that suck about getting older is that it’s harder to figure out fun stuff to do with your friends. One chunk is more or less “taken out” by kids, another chunk is no longer open to doing anything that involves loud music, standing or new experiences and then there’s the chunk (possibly also part of one of the earlier groups) that’s just always tired and basically unable to do anything at night. So it’s mostly weekday dinners and sitting around someone’s house eating and/or drinking.

But I have discovered a new activity that sounds fun, different and like something I might be able to get a few friends interested in. It’s Fresh Collective’s Shop The Store Style Party and I’ll just quote them on how it works:


As someone who has made many poor clothing purchases (they’re usually nice pieces, just not the right fit for me), I could get a lot out of this service. And I think I could round up another two or three people to join me in an evening of shopping and sparkling wine.  Of course, first I need to save up some money (oh, I’m part of the don’t-my-have-any-cash group).


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