My Peter Pilotto For Target Trip

The dress I wanted

Yesterday morning, a Sunday morning, I was up at the unheard of hour of 7 am. Why? Because I wanted to get to the Cloverdale Target for its 8 am opening time so that I could be one of the first to shop the new Peter Pilotto capsule collection.

I didn’t make it for 8 am but I was pretty close; by 8:10 I was in the store. This was my first time shopping a Target designer capsule collection and I was a bit worried that it might be a madhouse but the store was dead quiet when I walked inside. For a few moments, I actually wondered if Cloverdale wasn’t carrying the collection.

Then I spotted three or four disappointed-looking women standing around an almost empty rack. I wander over to the scene and yep, there was the Peter Pilotto collection. It was housed on two, double-sided racks that were almost picked clean. I did spot a cardigan that was on my shopping list but it was an extra-large and not nearly as nice as in the picture.

I was a little disappointed but then I started noticing all the cute, non-Pilotto clothes around me so I decided to check them out. After grabbing a couple of items, I returned to the Pilotto racks and noticed a great skirt that looked that it could fit. I grabbed it and then headed to the change rooms.

And that’s when I discovered where all of the people were. About two-dozen women were standing around the mouth of the changing room area, most with multiple items (some people even had carts). As a result, the line moved slowly. However, there weren’t that many people actually in line. At first glance it looked like maybe 10 people were in front of me but as the line plodded froward, I noticed that the majority of the people around me were actually stalking the “reject” rack.

Got this skirt

Whenever a woman would come out of the changing area, all eyes would look at her. If she went straight, away from the change area, the waiting crowd didn’t move. But if she dropped her rejected pieces off with an employee, or if she veered towards the reject rack, the crowd started jostling to get a better look at what pieces were being made available again.

It was a scene that could have been really intense but for the most part, people were well-mannered. I was able to grab a dress and another skirt from the rack though the dress I really wanted never made an appearance.

I did see it in the arms of a few other people and more annoying, in the carts of people who I’m sure were snapping up stuff to simple resell it. You could spot those people because they had a ton of stuff that they weren’t trying on. The size of those items also varied quite a bit, from extra-small to size 14.

And this dress

While the people buying a dozen items (yep) for themselves make me roll my eyes (how are you going to wear all of that), the resellers make me mad. It’s like ticket scalping; it’s not fair to those of us who are willing to get up early and actually get ourselves to the store. I wish Target would limit how many pieces someone could buy though I have a feeling that wouldn’t go over to well with many people (plus it would be a pain to enforce).

In the end, I picked up a Pilotto dress and skirt, as well as a non-designer cardigan. The whole experience was significantly less busy and stressful than I was expecting, which was nice, though getting that one red dress would have also of been really nice. Well, maybe it wouldn’t have looked good on me. Yes, I’ll keep telling myself that.

I would certainly shop another one of Target’s designer capsule sales though next time I’ll try to get to Cloverdale at exactly 8 am. The trick seems to be to get there right when it opens and then shamelessly load your arms up with possible purchases.


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