Promise Heart Part

Last September, I finally got a chance to check out the inside of the century-old Tower Automotive Building on Sterling when it hosted an art exhibit. While it made for a great art space, I knew that it would make for an even better party space. Clearly, I wasn’t alone in that thinking as party production company Promise will be taking over that building next Friday, February 14, for what sounds like an amazing event.


The full details are on Facebook while tickets can be purchased over here. It’s not a cheap event, online tickets will run you $50, but for that price you get a night packed with techno, house and electro music as well as art and light installations, lasers and even snacks. Now, I should warn you that this evening will also likely include potta-potties but other than that, this sounds like an amazing night.

Unfortunately, I will not be there. I already have tickets to attend this Wavelength show at Adelaide Hall that evening. I think that will be pretty fun too but let’s be honest, it’s no dance party in an old, abandoned factory.

Now yes, I could check out the Promise party after the concert but I would have to do so alone and that would kind of suck. Plus $50 for another event is a lot.

So no, I won’t be attending this event but if you go, let me know how it is. Hopefully it’s a big success and Promise (or someone else) will throw another party in this space, one that I’ll be able to attend.


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