Where To Dance In Toronto

I rarely get to go dancing anymore because Husband’s not a big fan of that activity unless we’re with a group of people and sadly, our friends are primarily into drinking at home and/or babies (yes, I think there is a link between these two things).

But hey, maybe that’ll change or maybe we’ll make new friends and then I can put BlogTO’s list of the top 10 dance parties and bars in Toronto to good use. I’m particularly interested in the Loving In The Name Of night at the Great Hall and both Bambi’s and The Steady. I hadn’t even heard of the latter place before but it sounds like a good spot to go for both brunch and a fun night out. The comments section, while its usual bitchy self, also contains some good suggestions.

Speaking of dancing and BlogTO, have you had a chance to read that site’s article on the closure of LeVack Block? It threw its last party on Saturday, January 11, and the next day it held an on-site auction for all of its contents. I thought that part was a bit odd but now that I know that the building’s been sold, it makes a little more sense.

LeVack_Block_Closing_Club_OssingtonWhen I first heard that LeVack was closing, I figured that it would either soon re-open as a differently named club or be transformed into a restaurant. But the auctioning of its contents makes both of those options seem less likely. One of the commenters on the BlogTO piece, who I think might be from the Ossington Community Association, mentioned that she didn’t think the liquor license was sold with the property. If that’s the case, I very much doubt that a new bar, club or even restaurant will be calling that building home (the new owners would need to apply for a new license and good luck with that happening).

So what will take up residency in there? Right now, I have no idea. While the number one choice of BlogTO commenters seems to be a Swiss Chalet (I think some of them are being genuine) my preference would be a café were you can get quality, made-to-order sandwiches and a wide variety of teas. Basically, I want a cross between Fast Fresh and David’s Tea. I think something like that would do really well in that spot.

What I don’t want is another coffee shop or vintage clothing store. We have enough of those! I’d prefer a LeVack clone over either of those (though I’m sure my neighbours would disagree with me on that).


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