Taste Of Toronto Festival Coming This July

Taste_Toronto_logo_Fort_York_events_July_food_festivalNow this could be fun: Toronto’s getting its very own Taste Festival. Described as, “the world’s greatest restaurant festival,” Taste festivals already take place in 20 other cities, including London, Capetown and Rome (I would love to check that one out).

The Taste of Toronto is scheduled for July 24-July 27 and will call Fort York home. I think that’s an excellent location choice as it’s fairly spacious and I can easily walk to it. Plus it has cannons.

“Much more than a sampling event, Taste of Toronto invites guests to engage with top chefs and enjoy live food demonstrations, chef Q&As, interactive cooking classes, expert wine tastings, live music and other entertainment,” says the event’s press release. While more details will be released soon, we do already know that several local chefs, including Mark McEwan of McEwan Group,  Colin Tooke of Grand Electric and Barque Smokehouse’s David Neinstein, will each be creating three new dishes for the event. I hope Neinstein does something with fish because I love the way Barque does its trout.

There will also be marketplace that will feature over 50 vendors and plenty of opportunities to buy small plates that you can eat right then and there.

Tickets for this event will go on sale in late March and will start at $25 for a “standard” ticket (I highly expect that this event will offer various VIP packages). Tickets will be sold for “six four-hour sessions” with each session covering either lunch or dinner. The “session” approach to tickets is a different one but if it effectively deals with crowds, I like it.

I’m not so crazy about the $25 price to just get into the festival but again, if it makes the crowds more manageable, I’m all for it. The insane crowds were my biggest complaint about last fall’s Gourmet Food & WIne Expo and it was held inside a comfortable. climate-controlled building. Hopefully things at Taste Of Toronto will be less… intense.

Right now I’m not 100% certain that I’ll be checking out this event out but I’m intrigued by it and will be keeping an eye on it. Depending on the details, and of course the organization, this festival could be a tasty time and a new summer tradition.


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