What’s There To Do In Toronto?

Some people are just natural socializers who somehow always know what’s happening when and where. Others are good friends with those people and are Party Time Peoplecontinually being invited to some of the many events that take place across this city. But then there is the rest of us who need some help when it comes to planning our free time. I am definitely in this group.

My help comes in the form of a few websites that keep me looped in on what’s happening in Toronto. Between them and Twitter, I can usually find something to fill my time (whether I actually go out and do it is another matter). Here’s a quick look at those sites:

BlogTO.com Events section: The calendar feature is obvious, easy to use and turns up attractive looking results. This site also features all kinds of events, from rock shows to weird parties.

ShowGopher.com: A must-visit if you’re into music that features guitars. While it’s not the prettiest site, it is the most useful because in addition to listing most of the city’s alt-rock/indie rock/math rock/whatever shows, it also contains set times and audio samples.

SheDoesTheCity.com: I’m not crazy about how this site organizes its events (you need to use the sub-nav and there’s no calendar option) and it’s not always as current as it could be but it does often highlight dance parties and smaller events that are easy to miss.

EventBrite.com: All kinds of events are listed on this site, which can be explored by category and price point. It’s a good one to check out if you’re looking to do something different, like attend an author’s talk or a birthday party for Canada’a first prime minister.

Do you have any favourite Toronto event sites? If so, let me know!


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