New Year’s Eve Sucks

I hate New Year’s Eve.

First of all, the end-of-the-year always makes me look back at the last 364 days and that’s never a good thing. Oh sure, there were some good times, usually when I was out-of-the-country, but mostly it’s just a trip down regret-lane.

I don’t think I’m unique in having this reaction on New Year’s Eve and I believe that’s why there’s such an emphasis on having a fabulous time on New Year’s Eve night: Pack all the fun you missed out on into one night while also starting out the new year on the right note.

I’ve had a total of three, truly fun New Year’s Eves and unless my life changes dramatically, I don’t think I’ll be having anymore. My regret-lane includes having made friends with people who don’t share the same definition of a fun night out as me. As a result, today and all future New Year’s Eve are going to consist of activities that could take place on any Saturday night.

I know that some people hate going out on New Year’s Eve and call the whole thing “Amateur Night.” Part of me can’t blame them. Today will be crowded, expensive and filled with stupidity. If you regularly go out, it makes sense to stay in tonight. And if you hate going out, well, then you really, really want to stay in tonight.

But I don’t fall into either of those categories and I’m okay with one night of the year being a bit silly. So this should be a great night for me, especially since I live so close to many nightlife options. But it won’t be and so I’ll be starting off yet another year with regrets.

I also don’t think I’m unique in feeling the above. People talk about the pressure they feel to pull off a great Christmas but personally, I think Christmas is easy to do right. New Year’s Eve on the other hand…

I suspect more than a couple of you reading this are agreeing with the above that. And those of you who aren’t and are wondering what I’m going on about, well, you’re lucky. You either know how to pull off a satisfactory New Year’s Eve or you really just don’t give a fuck.

Maybe I’ll fall into the latter category next year.

And oh, happy New Year!


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