Hero Heroine: A Review

Hero-Heroine-hair-Ossington-highlightsI have bad luck with hairdressers. This year alone, three that I’ve discovered and liked have left their salons. On Friday night, I was supposed to try out someone new but on Wednesday, I got a call from her shop about how she was very sick and had to cancel all of her weekend appointments.

Saturday night was husband’s Christmas party and I really needed to get my hair highlighted before then. So, after consulting Yelp, I decided to give Ossington hair salon Hero Heroine a chance. It turned out to be a terrific decision.

My experience started with a warm greeting by Nico Liberio, one of the shop’s owners. He’s a friendly guy who has the outgoing personality that any salon owner needs to have. He put me at ease and then impressed me by asking if I had any allergies or had ever had any bad reactions to hair colour or other hair chemicals. I’ve been getting my hair highlighted for over 10 years and never once had I been asked about chemical sensitivities, which is kind of crazy now that I think about it.

I was then passed over to Amara who took care of my highlights, after asking a few questions to find out exactly what I wanted done. She too was quite friendly and time in the chair passed surprisingly quickly (it takes cover an hour to get all of the foils in my hair). And the results were fantastic. My mousy head was appropriately brightened and it had the sun-kissed look that I wanted.

I skipped getting a cut since I had that recently done at Aveda. I did though get my hair styled and that was taken care of by Nico. He’s quite skilled with a brush and blow dryer and gave me the party-ready look I wanted. There was volume, curls, movement and it all resulted in more than a couple complements at Husband’s Christmas party.

Perhaps even more impressive than my hair was the price. Before tip, my head of partial highlights was only $104 and yes, that includes tax. It’s Hero-Heroine-Logoalso a great deal and guarantees that I’ll be getting my hair highlighted again at this shop.

Hero Heroine is still a fairly new spot, having only opened in June. It occupies a location that was apparently a former crack house but that is now a clean, modern, three-level salon. The vibe is relaxed and it’s free of the pretensions that occupy some of the city’s other salons.

The day I was there, Nico was getting ready to host a staff-and-customers holiday party that evening. Despite just having discovered the shop, I was invited to the party, which was to include everything from food and drink to raffle prizes. See, it really is a friendly place.

It’s also an environmentally conscience place that does its best to minimize waste. It also supports the WSPA and offers two different lines of green makeup.

If you’re looking for a new hair salon, I completely recommend Hero Heroine. It does do men’s hair – it even had a dedicated barber space – and can handle everything from extensions to colour correction. For more details on the shop, check out this BlogTO article.


2 thoughts on “Hero Heroine: A Review

  1. I always hope that people write nice things about our business online, but this was EXTREMELY flattering and what a surprise since I had NO CLUE!!!! Was randomly sent a link.

    Lindsay, from all of us here at Hero Heroine, thank you very much for all the kind words. 🙂
    Wish you and yours nothing but a joyous and safe Holiday Season.

    Nico Liberio

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