My Most Disliked Political Tactic

Hmmm…How can I make Ontarians hate each other even more?

Ugh… No, not the latest Ford revelations (though yes, that too), but this article that tells the latest chapter in Tim Hudak’s targeting of public sector workers.

I cannot stand that guy and not just because he advocates ideas that hurt the long-term health and growth of Ontario. I also really dislike how his primary approach to promoting his ideas seems to be to pit one group of Ontarians against each another.

The focus of the article is Hudak’s recent comments on public section pensions and how it might be time to move to a two-tier pension for governments, a system that private section unions have increasingly been switching to. He then goes on to try and set public and private section union workers up against each other. Because hey, why not divide people even more!

I actually don’t have any issues with discussing changes to Ontario’s public sector pensions. If Hudak had said, “The Ontario PCs have commissioned a fact-focused report that involved speaking with non-partisan experts who have mostly come to the same conclusion: We cannot continue providing defined benefit pensions for public sector workers. Based on that information, we’ve come up with a plan that still provides pensions but is also affordable for decades to come,“ I would be interested in hearing what else he had to say.

But he didn’t take that approach. Instead, he said this, ““I simply cannot justify to the unionized machinist who has lost his job that he has to pay more and more taxes to give government workers a 3 per cent raise and gold plate pensions,” he said.

Yep, pitting people against each, that’s the way to a harmonious society where everyone can grow and prosper.

Well, that and pushing the race to the bottom. A 3% raise, likely spread over multiple years, insanity! And by gold plate pensions, I assume he means a defined benefit pensions, which means that retirees know the minimal amount that they’ll be receiving and can do crazy things like engage in long-term planning and not get screwed over by the market. More insanity.

I know that turning different segments of the population each other is a tried and true right-wing tactic but still, it’s aggravating to see happening in the place I call home. It’s also amazing to see how shameless and blatant Hudak is in his divide-and-conquer approach. I would like to think that Ontarians are smarter than to fall for it but then, look who’s running Toronto.


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