Articles To Read: Shady Actions By The Canadian Mint Chairman; Fantasy TTC Maps & More

There was a story I read earlier this week that was so good that I immediately grabbed the link and saved it in a draft copy of this post. Or at least I thought I did. When I opened this post to edit it and add in more links, the original story was gone. What the hell was it about? Mah, I’ll probably remember tomorrow when I’m out doing some random thing.

Anyway, here are four other articles worth reading:

Jim Love, Canadian Mint chairman, helped run offshore ‘tax-avoidance scheme’ for clients: An exclusive CBC report that will have you saying, “WTF?” multiple times.

Insidious attack on jobless insurance: Surprise, surprise, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants the federal government to scrape EI. In this Toronto Star column, Carol Goar intelligently breaks down the CTF’s strategy and why this crusade is a bad idea (it really is).

New fantasy map imagines the TTC network in 2054: The map featured in this BlogTO story is some people’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Why pay for the aquarium when you can go to Chinatown instead: And to end things off, a bit of a funny piece from Vice.


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