The Best Massage/RMT In Toronto

Yogaspace_TorontoI have been hunting for the perfect massage since I moved to Toronto over a decade ago. And while I’ve found some good ones, I’ve never found The One until this fall when I started seeing Trinity Dempster, an RMT who works out of Yogaspace on Ossington.

I had my second massage with her yesterday and once again it was a fantastic, relaxing experience that still feels great the following day.

Trinity’s work is so good because of two reasons. The first is that on me, she mixes traditional Swedish massage with Shiatsu massage. The latter uses lots of pulling and stretching, which is exactly what my wound-up up muscles need.

The other is that Trinity’s not afraid to get in there and crush any knots (ok, “crush” probably isn’t the right word but that’s how I picture it). I find that a lot of RMTs are rather cautious when it comes to pressure and touching certain body areas. Trinity too was initially a bit too gentle when it came to pressure but after I told her that she could press harder, she did and without hesitation.

There was no hesitation when it came to massaging, mostly through the sheets, my hips, thighs and lower back; a trio of areas that many RMTs shy away from. As a result, I find that Trinity’s massages are much more thorough, and relaxing, than other massages I’ve received.

Trinity also did a fantastic job at managing her time. In the past, I’ve had some RMTs spend so much time on my upper back (which, to be fair, is generally as hard as a rock) that the rest of my body gets neglected. But somehow Trinity is able to fix up my back and treat almost my entire body, from my ear lobes to my pinky toes.

And no, she’s not one of those overly chatty RMTs (oh yes, they exist). While she did ask me several questions during my first treatment, they were all solid, reasonable inquiries that helped her deliver a better service. During my second visit, she was mostly silent, which allowed me to relax even more.

Treatment is done on the second floor

But while Trinity’s services are first-class, the space where they’re delivered is… well, you won’t be mistaking it for the Ritz-Carlton. Massage services are actually delivered on the second floor of an old semi located right across from the main Yogaspace space. This spot was clearly at one time at residential home and still sort of feels that way (assuming that the person who lives there has only minimal belongings).

The treatment rooms are former bedrooms and while they are clean and do the job, they aren’t pretty or luxurious-feeling. But personally, that doesn’t bother me. Sure, the surrounding is kind of plain and sometimes a bit noisy (I’m pretty sure the original windows are still in use) but the treatment more than makes up for all of that.

Trinity charges $100 for a 60-minute treatment and $150 for a 90-minute one. And yes, because she’s registered, her services are generally covered by one’s extended health insurance place.


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