Put A Little Rob Ford Under The Tree

While at Sherway Garden Mall on Saturday, I spotted this hanging inside some store whose name I’ve forgotten:


Classy! But it’s hardly the only Ford-themed product that’s popped up lately. Last week, Spacing launched its new Schadenford collection of buttons and magnets. While currently only available for online purchase, several real stores will be carrying them shortly.

Spacing Rob Ford Buttons Magnets

One brick-and-mortar store that is already offering Ford-themed goodies is Ossington’s own Crywolf. It’s offering its own collection of Ford buttons, as well as a You Crack Me Up t-shirt, which is now on sale for $20.


Prefer something that doesn’t feature Ford’s face? Then there are always these posters that are currently available at Queen St. W.’s Thank You. These posters are also suitable as a gift for any teacher who features D.A.R.E. in his/her classroom.


And finally, we can’t forget about The Little Book of Rob Ford. Though if you want a copy, check out your local, independent bookstore since it’s all sold out on Amazon.


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