Pizzeria Libretto’s Lunch Prix Fixe

Menu Options
Menu Options

On Friday, a friend and I checked out Pizzeria Libretto’s weekday lunch prix fixe. Since this was hardly my first trip to one of the city’s best pizza places, I wasn’t surprised at the quality of the food I received. However, I was wowed by the value.

For a mere $15, I got a good-sized beet Caprese salad, an always delicious Margherita D.O.P pizza and one scoop of creamy chocolate gelato (and I could have upgraded to any pizza, including the daily special, for another $5). The pizza was normal size and since my lunch normally is a turkey Swiss wrap, there’s no way I could eat the whole pie. So half of it came home with me and became my dinner.

As someone who has previously paid $15 at lunchtime for a thin sandwich and a bottle of VitaminWater, getting all of that tasty food for the same price was impressive and guarantees that I’ll be having lunch at Pizzeria Libretto again.

Besides offering a great deal, the lunch special also gave me a chance to see another side of the restaurant. Unlike at dinnertime, lunch is free of lineups and loud, potentially annoying guests. Instead, our fellow diners were locals and parents treating their young children. The volume level was minimal and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual. My friend and I took our time eating and not once did we feel rushed, an experience that I have never before at Pizzeria Libretto. The more mellow vibe also meant that the staff was extra friendly.

If you ever need a tasty, relaxed place for lunch that also happens to be well-priced, I strongly recommend taking advantage of Pizzeria Libretto’s prix fixe menu.

Delicious, Authentic Neapolitan Pizza
Delicious, Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

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