Unicorns Are Coming To Queen St. W.!

While I enjoy dive bars and dance clubs as much as the next late ’20-something-year-old (which is to say, most of the time as long as they aren’t too crowded), it’s nice to have the option to go to somewhere a little more relaxed, where you can get some decent food alongside your drink and catch up with friends over board games. So I’m thrilled that such a place will be opening up on Queen, just minutes from my house.

Called Lipstick and Dynamite, this new spot is set to take over the currently rather-drab looking space that is 992 Queen St. W. According to the note that the restaurant’s owners have posted in the window, this place is going to have it all:


Yes, it’s going to have unicorns. How can you not want to check out a place that will have unicorns?

There’s no opening date set but there is an liquor license notification up in the window so that’s a good sign. Once Lipstick and Dynamite is open, I’ll be sure to check it out and write up a little review. I’m particularly curious about its brunch options; I’m hoping that one of them is a smoked salmon omelette.

Future Home of Lipstick and Dynamite
Future Home of Lipstick and Dynamite

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