This Week’s Things Of Interest: New TTC Signage, Childhood Halloween Memories & Arcade Fire

Today’s post was supposed to be a review of Pizza Libretto’s lunch special but then my friend moved our date so that will be coming next week. Instead, today you can read about four stories that caught my interest this week and my always deep and insightful thoughts on them.

20131023-ttc-wayfindingNew Transit Signage
As someone who loves consistency, I am thrilled that the TCC is overhauling its signage so that it’s cleaner, clearer and follows a style guide. And no, it’s not a waste of money because I firmly believe that little but visible changes go a long way in creating an environment that both employees and users treat with more respect. But while I like most of the proposed changes, I’m not sold on the new ride guide maps (p. 32). They’re the kind of thing that make a lot of sense if you carefully read them. But most people, particularly those who are stressed because they are lost or confused, don’t carefully ready anything so yeah, I can see them not being as useful as they should be.

Better Protection For Captive Animals
The Province of Ontario is finally beefing up its power to protect animals, particularly those in zoos and aquariums. While no legislation is changing just yet, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will be getting more money and more power, zoos and aquariums will be given surprise inspections at least twice-a-year and finally marine mammals will need to be given specific levels of care. While personally I would like to see harsh new laws and penalties, as well as a licensing component, this is at least at start.

YTV’s Dark Night
I had completely forgotten about YTV’s Dark Night until I came across this article on BlogTO. Then, all of the memories came flooding back. I didn’t get YTV until 1995, when I moved to a town where the cable package included that channel and I remember being so excited about my first Dark Night. I also remember when future editions had the call-in trivia games and how I tried and tried to get through but never did. Maybe this is where my love of both horror movies and contests comes from?

It’s Here: The New Arcade Fire
So as you’ve probably heard a hundred times already, Arcade Fire posted their new album up on YouTube, ahead of its Tuesday release date. I have to admit that I was concerned for this album but now that I’ve listened to it, I actually quite like it. Okay, it’s no Funeral but then it’s also a lot more fun and messy than anything else Arcade Fire’s done before. I did find it a bit long, with more than a couple moments of indulgent electronic noodling, but on the other hand, you can’t complain that the band is short-changing you. They’re taking their already impressive body of work and pushing out its boundaries to bring in new sounds and attitudes while at the same time proudly celebrating both their musical and actual heritage (the Haitian influence is almost as loud as Bowie’s). I can’t wait to see how it all translates on the stage.

Oh, my favourite track? “Here Comes The Night,” though that might change after a few more listens.


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