Long Winter Is Back & Looking For Submissions

Last winter, the guys behind the band Fucked Up, along with some of their friends, launched Long Winter, a monthly, November-March event that while built around music, also featured art installations, readings, video games and more.

That series is back for its second year and once again will be calling the Great Hall home. The lineup for the first date, set for November 8, is already announced and will feature music by King Cobb Steelie, Bidiniband and Ell V Gore, among others, as well as an art projects, a video installation, something called the Long Winter Arcade and more, including food.

The dates for the rest of the shows have also already been picked but their lineups are still up in the air. The team behind Long Winter is currently looking for submissions for those dates from Toronto’s creative people and if you think your project for be a good fit for this fun, and sweaty night, get in touch with them.

Here’s a promo video from last year (there were tacos!).


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