Toronto Strong Neighborhoods Strategy 2020 Survey

Have you filled out the City’s Strong Neighborhoods Strategy 2020 survey yet? It’s only 20, easy questions long and lets you comment on the good and bad of your neighbourhood as well as describe your dream neighbourhood and where you think the City should focus its efforts.

Here’s the official description from the City: “The City of Toronto is identifying the next generation of Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (formerly known as Priority Neighbourhoods), as part of a broader strategy aimed at creating local impact for city-wide change that will benefit all Torontonians. These neighbourhoods will receive focused support to improve social, economic and cultural opportunities, leading to better outcomes for residents. The local benefits of this work can then be spread across Toronto.”

Even though Trinity-Bellwoods is a long way from being a Neighbourhood Improvement Area, I still filled out the survey, in part because I think my neighbourhood could serve as a model for others to follow.

The survey is completely anonymous and I think it’ll be up for a least a few more days (dear City, next time please put a closing date in a visible location). While it says it takes five-10 minutes to complete, unless you have a ton to say, it’s going to be closer to the five-minute mark.


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