Welcome To The Neighbourhood Soos!

If you came to this post expecting to read a review of Soos, the latest restaurant to open on Ossington, you are going to be Imagedisappointed. I have yet to eat at Soos and I may never do so. Why? Because Soos specializes in Malaysian food and its short menu (check out my poor photo of it below) doesn’t offer anything that would make my very picky palette happy (well, maybe I would be okay trying the Hainanese chicken if it’s made with breast meat).

But even though Soos isn’t to my taste, I’m glad that it chose Ossington as its home as it brings something new to the neighbourhood. If you’re a more adventurous eater than me (and I’m sure 98% of the population is), check it out. Having only opened at the start of the month, it’s still new enough not to yet be experiencing lineups and according to these two Yelp reviews, the food is quite good.

While I haven’t been inside of Soos, I have looked through its large front window multiple times and I can say that it looks like a pretty, comfortable spot that occupies that popular space between casual and upscale. For more photos of it, and a few of the food, check out this post over on TorontoLife.com (they haven’t reviewed the restaurant yet either but I’m sure they will).



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