Why It’s Great To Live On Ossington

Taken from BYOB's Instragram account
Taken from BYOB’s Instragram account

Last night Husband and I stopped by Sneaky Tiki One Night Stand at Otto’s Grotto, one of the many events that are making up Toronto Cocktail Week. This Polynesian-themed pop-up event was set in what’s better known as the old laundry mat that’s beside Reposado (you actually had to go through Reposado to access it). Up until last night, I always though that 136 Ossington, Otto’s Grotto’s exact address, was a residential spot but it turns out that it’s actually a fully equipped bar and a cute, little spot.

Since the event was all about Tiki drinks, the bar had been done up with plenty of Polynesian touches. An old, Hawaii-set movie was projected onto the far wall while exotica music, complete with bird noises, provided the evening’s soundtrack. Colourful flowers decorated various surfaces while the two Tiki head ice carvings decorated the main bar.

Then there were the drinks. Mai-taies, two different kinds of zombies and a couple other rum-based BlueMermaid_Tikibeverages were being served in fun, colourful cups (which I’m told can be purchased at BYOB, one of the event’s sponsors). Also available were one of my favourite food items, Tipicular Fixin’s Snoballs, which were boozed up with rum (and at only $5, a great price). Since I am poor because I don’t have a job, a limited myself to one delicious Snoball. But in an ideal world, I would have tried all of the drinks, along with at least one more Snoball.

Because of our lack of funds, and because it is a Thursday night, Husband and I had a fairly short visit to the Grotto. Still, it was fun and I’m glad we checked it out.

And that brings me to the whole point of this post: Living on Ossington is great because it makes itsomuch easier to check out the many fun, and often temporary, events that this street plays host to. Had we still been living on Roncesvalles, there’s no way we would have made it out to Otto’s Grotto for one drink. But now, since we live so close, we don’t really have an excuse not to go to things like that.

Part of the reason why we decided to move here was so that we could be closer to the action, to use a cliché, and take in more of what Toronto has to offer. So far, I think we’re off to a great start.


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