Third Annual Ossington Village Alleyway Party

This is another one of those weekends when a million things are happening including the third annual Ossington Alleyway Party.

Thankfully it takes place on Sunday, October 6, from 3 pm–6 pm and so for me, it doesn’t conflict with the many other things that are happening this weekend (or recovering from those events).

photo (6)

The party takes place in that east-west alley that runs between Ossington and Dovercourt, and Foxley and Argyle. As with previous alleyway parties, bring your own food, drinks and kids.

Entertainment will be provided by a number of bands including the Lemon Bucket Orchestra, Samba Elegua and Rambunctions There will also be a giant Scrabble game and a book/clothing/toy swap.

For photos from last year’s party, head over to Facebook.

This will be my first Ossington Village Alleyway Party and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also hoping that this wonderful, sunny weather will continue over the weekend.


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